The Holisticare Pharmacy Meds-Check service is offered specifically for people who are taking three or more medications at a time. It is so important that the medications you are taking work well together and you are
receiving the best benefit from your drug therapy.

A Meds-Check consultation helps you understand the reason you are taking certain medications, how they work, interactions, dosing recommendations, and any specific precautions needed.


Some diseases can be prevented by routine vaccinations. So many diseases can spread easily from person to person, mainly through coughing and sneezing. They can be serious enough to cause severe complications. Call us to see if the vaccine in question is safe and suitable for you.

Some vaccines are made with a tiny amount of dead or
weakened germs.

The dead or weakened germs in those vaccines help your immune system to create both antibodies and immune memory. These two tools will help to recognize and fight off the germs if your body is exposed to them in the future.

Have a question? Call us today.


At Holisticare Pharmacy, we like to take a proactive approach to your health. We believe that prevention is better than treatment. So if you care about your health, we offer:

  • Heart Health Checks: monitoring your blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation
  • Diabetic Health Checks: focusing on blood sugar assessments, medication management, and preventative measures.
  • Weight Loss Management: monitoring your weight, Body Mass Index, waist circumference. Soon we will be offering body fat percentage, water weight, and lean muscle mass measurements.

Smoking Cessation

Holisticare Pharmacy Smoking Cessation Consultation

Smoking cigarettes leads to a dependence on nicotine. Cessation of smoking leads to physiological symptoms of withdrawal. Methods of smoking cessation must address this dependency and subsequent withdrawal symptoms.

At Holisticare Pharmacy smoking cessation programs employ a combination of coaching, motivational interviewing and pharmacological counseling.

So if you’re ready to quit smoking, call us today and ask about getting your own Holisticare Pharmacy Smoking Cessation Consultation today.


Holisticare Pharmacy would like to take your medication burden off your mind. No need to remember if you’ve taken the right medications at the right time – no need to keep tabs on when your medications are due to be refilled, and which ones need a doctor’s follow up before renewal. We, at Holisticare Pharmacy, will do that for you.

We will organize all of the medications, vitamins, and supplements you take in the most convenient way possible to ensure that you are taking the correct items at the correct time, thereby promoting compliance, medication adherence, and better health outcomes.

Quick Prescription Refill

Quick Refill is a convenient way to re-fill your
prescriptions using your phone number and RX numbers.
No login required. Fast and easy.

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    "Excellent service, friendly staff, and reliable - highly recommend it here if you want to be looked after and taken care of.
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    "The pharmacist's counselling and attention to detail was really impressive. I have not received service like this from anywhere else. Very impressed.
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    "I am very impressed with their proactive organizational skills. I opted to get my meds in blister packs, and since then, they have been keeping track of when I'm due for more meds - I've never ran out or needed to wait on a doctor to get my meds.
    Hany Kallini
    "The pharmacist here goes above and beyond to make sure my concerns are addressed. I am very happy with the care I receive here.